Monday, August 31, 2009

First Latin Mass

My husband and I attended my very first Traditional Latin Mass the Sunday before last. We traveled about an hour-and-a-half from home to a little country church which has not been 'wreck-ovated' (thanks for that, Tom!!).

It was absolutely beautiful. The altar was flanked by statues of St. Patrick and Mary and Jesus. An alabaster Last Supper scene graced the front of the altar. The stained glass windows were heavenly. The stunning beauty of the interior helped to ready one for worship.

Parishioners were quiet and prayerful -- no talking and laughing and whispering going on.

I have to tell you that I went there with the idea that I was going to soak up the atmosphere. I wasn't going to worry too much about what I was supposed to be doing. So we sat in back and followed those who were experienced.

I found that I was MUCH, MUCH more focused on worship. I understood the flow of Mass, even if I didn't understand all that was going on every moment. But it was all so much more reverent. The Mass was truly about worshipping God. Everything, all, was focused on Him. I didn't feel as if the priest was 'ignoring' me when his back was to us. We were all facing God together.

The traditional vestments were like a painting to me. The altar boys knew just what to do, and the beauty of the Mass was enhanced by each movement.

My chant friends were in the choir loft and the chant was so uplifting, so directing, so much closer to heaven than any other type of music.

And, what also meant much to me was the kneeler! We were able to receive kneeling, on the tongue, replete with paten. It was natural and right and I was so very grateful to experience it.

I should say that I brought a scarf to cover my head, though I wasn't sure about wearing it inside. But when I saw three other ladies who were covered, on it went. And it also felt so right.

If anyone else who was there is reading this, please feel free to share your impressions, too.