Friday, March 29, 2013

The final blow?

The AP is apparently ecstatic. They believe that Pope Francis' foot washing of females is "the final blow for traditionalists."

They forget...the catacombs.

Monday, March 18, 2013

An interesting comment

Fr. Z's is the blog to keep up with. In his recent post "Liberals will soon turn on Pope Francis," one comment stands out:

Traductora says:
Orthodox Chick, don’t worry. I think Pope Francis is very sound, I think he’s a somewhat unusual person (which would probably have been necessary to have survived as a Jesuit for so long!), and I think he will broaden his understanding of the role that has suddenly and probably unexpectedly fallen to him. If you speak or understand Spanish, go to the link I posted above (
But I think traditionalists have to do something, too. Why not have some big public mass of thanksgiving somewhere, celebrated in the traditional form? Why not lead a procession through some miserable part of town and preach to the people. I can tell you, if anybody in the Church in my town cared about the wretched (morally and materially) black population and went out and showed it, those people would be at mass tomorrow, despite the traditional Protestant-instilled hostility of African Americans to Catholicism. Traditional rite people have been in a ghetto, talking only to each other, for way too many years and perhaps now it’s time to go out and show how beauty and splendor, coupled with moral and theological orthodoxy, really can attract and convert people.

Something to think about...

Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Holy Spirit is Working

This is the Year of Faith. Let us express it!

Pope Francis promotes Summorum Pontificum of Pope Benedict XVI

God bless our Pope.