Sunday, June 15, 2014

The counterchurch?

Multiculturalism in Religious Garb

From the article:

Upon reading this interview, it becomes apparent that we are not dealing here with the venerable Catholicism of the West at all, but with an entirely new religion, which, while it persists in calling itself Catholic, has one God (Deism) which can be shared with other religions. What makes the new orientation deceptive, is that it does not explicitly renounce the Catholic deposit of faith, or change it totally; rather it is a question of emphasis and of a new contextualisation of doctrines. The emphasis in Fr. K├Ârner’s remarks is one of a post Vatican II man-centredness, the striving for a “horizontal” earthly utopia, “creating a new world”.

One can then understand why it is of utmost importance to the New Church to suppress the Vetus Ordo and those who adhere to the Catholic Faith as it has always been.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Thursday, June 5, 2014

"The Traditional Mass is not a spectator sport"

Found this Crisis article by Steve Skojec from 2012 about Mass as said by the Canons Regular of the New Jerusalem. FTA:

This is why seeing this kind of Christian joy in action in a monastic community that opens its doors to public worship is something else entirely. For starters, the monks – Dom Daniel, Frater John, Frater Alban – are so noticeably kind. At the conclusion of Mass, they mingle with the faithful, whom they take the time to get to know by name. They sell produce, and fresh baked breads, employing monastic industry to support their work. And if you forgot your wallet? No worries. They’ll probably spot you a loaf. They remember not only who you are, but what is going on in your life, and when they say they’re praying for your intentions, you get the feeling that they mean that they’re doing so with great specificity.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Having done all, to stand

St. Athanasius, writing to his brother bishops:

"The Church has not just recently been given order and statutes. They were faithfully and soundly bestowed on it by the Fathers. Nor has the faith only just been established, but it has come to us from the Lord through His disciples. May what has been preserved in the Churches from the beginning to the present day not be abandoned in our time; may what has been entrusted into our keeping not be embezzled by us. Brethren, as custodians of God’s mysteries, let yourselves be roused into action on seeing all this despoiled by others."

Via SSPXAsia.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Order of Things

Fr. Carota writes:

Traditional Catholic Order and Revolutional Disorder

A snippet:

Now we turn to the Holy Latin Mass with its orderly rubrics. What a complete difference. Every single Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is done with the same order and beauty all over the world. Go to where ever the Holy Latin Mass is offered and see if there is not this sacred respect and order. Prove to me that I am wrong. And all the people I know who love the Holy Latin Mass have such reverence for the Eucharist that they would never ever dare to approach the altar to receive Holy Communion in mortal sin.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Clear, consise, calm, and correct.

Resisting Wayward Prelates According to the Saints

No ostriches allowed

No one says it like Mundabor.

Incidents At The Frontier

"There can always be “something else”. There is always “something else” happening in pretty much everything. But it is astonishing that wherever a prelate is to be justified, utterly irrelevant circumstances of facts become the reason why something wrong was made."

Monday, March 3, 2014

The suppression of the Vetus Ordo continues

Fisher More College, a Catholic institution of higher learning in the Diocese of Ft. Worth, has just had its Vetus Ordo suppressed by Bishop Michael Olsen.

Read about it here at Rorate-Caeli.

It might be worthwhile to ponder why the Vetus Ordo, the Mass of the ages, the Mass that was (and is) a living link to Holy Mother Church and her Children throughout time is being suppressed. Especially so in light of Summorum Pontificum and Universae Ecclesiae.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Clarity Amidst the Lio

While the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate must ask permission for saying Mass, for obtaining a liturgical calendar, indeed for most anything, Pope Francis has appointed a new cardinal for whom anything goes.

The 'crime' of the FFI is simply to revere the Mass as known for centuries, to uphold tradition, to adhere to the Vetus Ordo. For this, their order is being destroyed.

The Thinking Housewife details some of Cardinal Nichols' past 'accomplishments' as archbishop of Birmingham (in Great Britain), including a 'prayer' to Christ at a homosexual mass, which the cardinal endorsed for six years. Emphases mine:

"Rainbow Christ, you embody all the colors of the world. Rainbows serve as bridges between different realms: Heaven and Earth, east and west, queer and non-queer. Inspire us to remember the values expressed in the rainbow flag of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer community. Red is for life, the root of spirit. Living and Self-Loving Christ, you are our Root. Free us from shame, and grant us the grace of healthy pride so we can follow our own inner light. With the red stripe in the rainbow, we give thanks that God created us just the way we are. Orange is for sexuality, the fire of spirit. Erotic Christ, you are our Fire, the Word made flesh. Free us from exploitation, and grant us the grace of mutual relationships. With the orange stripe in the rainbow, kindle a fire of passion in us. Yellow is for self-esteem, the core of spirit. Out Christ, you are our Core. Free us from closets of secrecy, and give us the guts and grace to come out. With the yellow stripe in the rainbow, build our confidence. Green is for love, the heart of spirit. Transgressive Outlaw Christ, you are our Heart, breaking rules out of love. In a world obsessed with purity, you touch the sick and eat with outcasts. Free us from conformity, and grant us the grace of deviance..." [In all honesty, one must admit this 'prayer' is a clear case of diabolical disorientation.]

The cardinal has also endorsed adoption rights for homosexuals (as long as they are single, whatevah) and given the nod to teaching Catholic school kids both sides of the abortion and contraception issue, including how to access those things.

Pope Francis and Cardinal Nichols -- two sons of the Church.

 It brings to mind this quote from Archbishop Sheen: "He (Satan) will create a counter-church that is the ape of the Church, because he, the Devil, is the ape of God...It will have all the notes and characteristics of the Church, but in an inverted sense, and emptied of its divine content it will have a mystical body of the Antichrist that will in all appearances resemble the mystical body of Christ." (Communism and the Conscience of the West) [In other words, the form without the substance.]

Our Lady of Sorrows, pray for us!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Lex, Lex, and Lex

Rorate-Caeli provides a portion of Fr. Stefano Manelli's pastoral report for the FFI (a report that was issued after Pope Benedict XVI's Moto Proprio Summorum Pontificum was issued). It is, of course, clear and true. A snippet:

More devastating—let us note this again—has been the negative influence of the Novus Ordo on the Religious Life, as already referenced above (with respect to the devastating losses in nearly all the Orders and Religious Institutes). And here we cannot fail to mention as well the sadness caused by the closing of so many monasteries and religious houses, as well as the closing of the greater part of the seminaries for priests and brothers, with the consequence of an aging clergy, the drop in the Missions without a turnover of missionaries, and the continual increase in the number of towns that even in Italy remain without a pastor, again because of lack of vocations. 

 There is much more. And of course, for speaking truth, Fr. Manelli has been severely persecuted and the FFI attacked with a diabolical ferocity.