Sunday, January 5, 2014

Lex, Lex, and Lex

Rorate-Caeli provides a portion of Fr. Stefano Manelli's pastoral report for the FFI (a report that was issued after Pope Benedict XVI's Moto Proprio Summorum Pontificum was issued). It is, of course, clear and true. A snippet:

More devastating—let us note this again—has been the negative influence of the Novus Ordo on the Religious Life, as already referenced above (with respect to the devastating losses in nearly all the Orders and Religious Institutes). And here we cannot fail to mention as well the sadness caused by the closing of so many monasteries and religious houses, as well as the closing of the greater part of the seminaries for priests and brothers, with the consequence of an aging clergy, the drop in the Missions without a turnover of missionaries, and the continual increase in the number of towns that even in Italy remain without a pastor, again because of lack of vocations. 

 There is much more. And of course, for speaking truth, Fr. Manelli has been severely persecuted and the FFI attacked with a diabolical ferocity.

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